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Cinematographers Unite with Writers and Publishers to Protest Appointment of Georgian Dream MP as Head of House of Writers

By Messenger Staff
Friday, August 11, 2023
The movement of cinematographers joined the protest of writers and publishers regarding the appointment of Georgian Dream MP Ketevan Dumbadze as the head of the House of Writers.

Together with writers and publishers, they disobey the "repressive, anti-democratic and anti-state policy of the Ministry of Culture" and say that the appointment of Dumbadze as the head of the House of Writers is another attempt to deliberately disrupt the cultural institution.

We have once again witnessed the deliberate attempt to destroy all remaining institutions of culture and the sole ordination of rulers.

We will not allow the hijacking of culture, the normalization of censorship and the return of Soviet-style repression in our country.

We are in this fight and we will be united and uncompromising!

Art is lively, independent and political," the filmmakers' statement reads.

According to the decision of the Minister of Culture, Tea Tsulukiani, Ketevan Dumbadze will head the House of Writers of Georgia from September 4.

At the beginning of August, the head of the House of Writers, Nata Lomour, said that the Ministry of Culture called and told her that the term of directorship will expire in 5 days. Lomouri wrote on Facebook that he had already informed the Ministry in writing that he was interested in extending the deadline.

Writers and publishers have released a joint statement, stating that they disobey the policy of the Ministry of Culture, which is undemocratic, anti-Soviet, and anti-state.