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Motorway Department Director States Information about Rikoti's Danger is Dangerous

By Messenger Staff
Friday, August 11, 2023
Giorgi Tsereteli, the director of the Department of Motorways, states that misinformation has been spreading recently, "as if Rikoti is very dangerous". According to him, the construction of the Rikoti Pass will be completed in 2024 and "will be safe for everyone".

"Recently, the spread of misinformation about the Ricoti pass has become very frequent, as if Ricoti is very dangerous. It is impossible to talk about corrupt deals and, as it were, adjusting these tender conditions for these companies.

By 2024, Rikoti will be fully completed, and I would like to point out that after completion, Ricoti will be safe for everyone," said Tsereteli.

Party Lelo for Georgia Chairman Mamuka Khazaradze demands an international audit on the construction of Rikoti. According to Khazaradze, it is necessary to check security, landslide-prone zones and finances.

On April 11, the Department of Motor Vehicles prohibited traffic on the Rikoti Pass as it was "carrying out road cleaning works due to minor rock fall."

On April 13, road traffic on the Ricoti Pass was launched under a special regime for all types of transport.