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US Ambassador Kelly Degnan Addresses Attempts to Weaken Partnership, Reaffirms Support for Georgia, and Responds to Government's Criticism

By Liza Mchedlidze
Tuesday, August 22, 2023
US Ambassador to Georgia, Kelly Degnan, has addressed concerns about attempts to weaken the robust partnership between the United States and Georgia. In an interview with Radio Liberty, she stated, "There are people who are trying to undermine the close, strong partnership between the US and Georgia."

Degnan emphasized the enduring nature of the relationship, asserting that the USA remains committed to supporting Georgia. She noted, "The USA is not going anywhere and will stand by Georgia as long as the people of Georgia aspire to a democratic future."

"There are individuals who are attempting to undermine the close and robust partnership between the US and Georgia. Their motives seem to revolve around personal interests, and this seems to be their intended objective. Their efforts extend beyond discrediting the USA; they also target any independent voice that advocates for Georgia's European and democratic prospects.

I believe that the people of Georgia are discerning - at least the ones I've encountered possess a keen awareness. They are accustomed to such forms of Russian and pro-Russian disinformation, and they possess the ability to discern when attempts are being made to harm Georgia's alliances with its closest allies and true strategic partners. These partners, including the US, have been steadfast in their support for Georgia over the course of more than three decades and are here to stay. We will stand by Georgia until the people of Georgia aspire to a democratic future," Degnan stated.

Degnan also addressed criticisms from members of the ruling party. The ambassador emphasized that she does not take such criticism personally, highlighting that what holds significance is the perspective of the Georgian people. She also conveyed that Georgians have demonstrated on numerous occasions their preference for Europe.

The US Ambassador explained the areas in which the United States is assisting Georgia: "It's quite simple: we help Georgia better protect its borders, safeguard its sovereignty and territorial integrity, stimulate its economy, and generate better employment opportunities so that people can remain in their towns and villages, enjoy a good quality of life, and raise their families where they desire, without being compelled to go abroad or relocate to Tbilisi.

We support Georgia in constructing robust, stable, and democratic institutions because Georgians aspire to live in a European democracy. This aspiration is crystal clear. And as it aligns with the goals of the people of Georgia, we stand here to provide our support. Our endeavors in this country are evident. Everywhere you look in this nation, you'll find proof that over the past 30 years, the US, in partnership with both the Georgian government and its people, has been steadfastly pursuing these objectives in Georgia. I'm confident that this productive collaboration will continue in the years to come," stated Kelly Degnan.