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DRI Urges Government to Take More Effective Action Regarding Russian Military Base in Occupied Abkhazia

By Liza Mchedlidze
Friday, October 27, 2023
The Democracy Research Institute (DRI) has issued a statement regarding the large-scale preparations for a Russian military base near the occupied Abkhazian village of Fichor, situated 4 kilometers from Anaklia. According to DRI, the works have been underway for three weeks and it poses a significant threat to the security of Georgia and the Black Sea.

"Russian military personnel have informed local residents that Fichor will serve as an auxiliary component of the larger military naval base in Ochamchire.

Construction of the military base is already underway.

Currently, Russian forces are actively engaged in exercises, including simulated drone attacks on the Ochamchiri military port.

Local residents of Ochamchire have reported the active deployment of radio-electronic warfare systems in the area, which are likely intended to counter Ukrainian drones and missiles," the DRI statement reads.

The organization believes the government's response to the placement of the Russian navy 4 kilometers from Anaklia is insufficient and calls on state agencies to take more effective action.

"The deployment of the Russian naval fleet in Ochamchire poses a fundamental threat to the security of Georgia and the Black Sea region. In such circumstances, when a hostile state attempts to establish a military naval base on Georgian territory in disregard of international law, the Georgian authorities should at least take the following steps:

The Parliament of Georgia should immediately adopt the resolution initiated by the members of the parliamentary opposition "On the decision to open a permanent Russian military naval base in Abkhazia, Georgia, occupied by Russia."

The State Security Service of Georgia and the Ministry of Defense of Georgia should promptly provide information to the population about the possible threats arising from the location of the Russian military naval base.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia should promptly ensure the mobilization of the international community's attention regarding the importance of this issue," the statement reads.