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EU Ambassador Herczynski Commends Georgian People's Role in Shaping Modern History and Emphasizes Membership Benefits

By Liza Mchedlidze
Monday, December 18, 2023
The European Union Ambassador to Georgia, H.E. Pawel Herczynski, conveyed a message to the gathered citizens at Freedom Square, celebrating Georgia's attainment of EU candidate status. He began by expressing his congratulations on the historic day when all 27 EU countries unanimously decided to grant candidate status to Georgia.

In his address, Herczynski extended his congratulations to various stakeholders, including political leaders, civil servants, civil society, and the media. However, he emphasized that the foremost congratulations were reserved for the people of Georgia, acknowledging their unwavering support for European integration.

"Congratulations, today is a historic day!

27 EU countries unanimously decided to grant the candidate status to Georgia.

Congratulations to political leaders, civil servants, civil society, and media.

But, first and foremost, congratulations to the people of Georgia, who devotedly support European integration.

The voice of the people of Georgia is clearly heard in the European Union. As I am hearing you now and here.

Today's decision is an appreciation of the efforts made by each and every one of you. It is definitely a big step forward, but the final goal is EU membership. Therefore, now is the time for political leaders to fulfill the will of the people and implement reforms quickly," Herczynski said.

The Ambassador urged political leaders to respond to the will of the people by promptly implementing necessary reforms. Referencing Georgia's national motto, "strength is in unity," he emphasized the need for unity for the European future.

Herczynski expressed his belief that the Georgian people are shaping the modern history of the country and highlighted the benefits of EU membership, including peace, stability, and economic prosperity for current and future generations. Additionally, he noted that Georgia's unique culture and traditions would contribute to the diversity of the European Union.

"Georgia's coat of arms reads: "strength is in unity". Today, my main message is exactly the same - now is the time to unite for the European future! You are all making Georgia's modern history.

The EU membership will bring peace, stability and economic prosperity for you, your families and future generations. In turn, Georgia's unique culture and traditions will enrich the diversity of the European Union. Today is a very emotional day for me and my team. I am happy that we are celebrating this day together!

Once again, congratulations, Georgia, the beautiful, no one can find another one like you. Go forward, Georgia, Go forward!" Herczynski stated.