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Tuesday, April 2, 2024
Prepared by Messenger Staff

Parliamentary Majority 'Categorically Demands' U.S. Embassy to Lift Sanctions on Georgian Judges

The parliamentary majority called upon the Embassy of the United States of America to engage in dialogue and lift the sanctions imposed by the states on Georgian judges.

"Until now, we have not seen any evidence that would confirm even the relevance of these sanctions, if not the real basis of the sanctions," said Mamuka Mdinaradze, the leader of the majority.

According to him, the sanctioning of several judges in Georgia by the United States without any basis is indicative of "a vicious campaign against the court," orchestrated by various representatives of the NGO sector, the United National Movement, and its affiliates.

"We are categorical in this request or demand that their sanctions be lifted and that our friend does not give the right to manipulate this fact to any wicked and evil entity in Georgia," Mdinaradze said.

Lelo to Adhere to Current Legal Framework for Parliamentary Elections Amidst Girchi's Initiative

Davit Usupashvili, representing the Lelo party, stated that despite the proposed changes, they will present their party list for the parliamentary elections in accordance with the current legal framework. He described the Girchi initiative to abolish quotas as a "Georgian Dream project."

"Lelo will submit a party list for the parliamentary elections according to the model established by the legislative base today, regardless of the duration or speed of implementation, even if the Dream-Girchi agreement, which you yourself describe as moral-political, is realized quickly.

Not only because we supported it at the time, but also because we deem it necessary at this stage. Years will pass, and it will no longer be deemed necessary.

Meanwhile, from now on, I cannot refer to this project as the 'Girchi' project; it is now a 'Dream' project. This is because the idea of 'Girchi' would remain just an idea if it weren't for the political intention of the 'Dream'," Usupashvili said.