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US State Department Dismisses Russian Claims of Seeking Regime Change in Georgia

By Liza Mchedlidze
Wednesday, July 10, 2024
Journalist Alex Raufoglu recently reported on X that the US State Department has strongly refuted Russia's allegations that the United States is attempting to orchestrate regime change in Georgia. These denials come in response to Russian claims that the US is pushing for a power shift following Georgia's October 26 elections, which the State Department has described as "completely false".

A spokesperson for the State Department stated, "I think it's quite obvious that it's completely false. It's not the first time and Russia has made allegations like that, with respect to US involvement in Georgia, and other countries around the world, that had been completely false and had been absurd." The spokesperson added, "And I would just point out the irony of the country, Russia, that is illegally occupying 20% of Georgia as we speak, making those absurd allegations about another country."

Russian foreign intelligence has propagated a narrative suggesting that the Biden administration is intent on discrediting the ruling Georgian Dream party through a meticulously planned information campaign. According to these allegations, this campaign is designed with what Russian intelligence describes as a "Hollywood script" filled with "anti-Russian enthusiasm", aiming to blame Russia for various issues.

The propaganda further claims that the US will accuse Georgian Dream of lacking political independence, potentially leading to Georgian ships abandoning European shores. Additionally, Russian intelligence has implicated Georgian President Salome Zourabichvili, suggesting she is being positioned to incite anti-government sentiments. The narrative states that Zourabichvili is expected to give an interview to an American media outlet, where she will accuse the Georgian authorities of undermining negotiations for Georgia's EU membership and warn of the adverse consequences of closer ties with Moscow, particularly highlighting the negative impact of Russian emigrants on Georgian citizens.

Moreover, the Russian narrative claims that Zourabichvili is preparing voters for a "political surprise" from the opposition, potentially leading to another "color revolution". It also claims that American advisors have directed the Georgian opposition to prepare protests around the election period, with an expectation of casualties among the demonstrators.