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Monday, August 4 2008, #146 (1662)

Six dead in South Ossetia violence

Severe violence in breakaway South Ossetia killed six and injured nearly two dozen over the weekend, and separatist authorities say they have begun evacuating women and children. (more)

Georgia commemorates Ilia Chavchavadze

Georgia celebrated the day of Saint Ilia the Righteous on August 2. A highly-esteemed public figure and writer, Ilia Chavchavadze was canonized in 1987 by the Georgian Orthodox Church, 150 years after his birth in the eastern province of Kakheti. (more)

Abkhaz pull out of Berlin talks over South Ossetia

Abkhazia’s separatist leadership say they will not join peace talks in Berlin scheduled for later this month because of the violence in South Ossetia. (more)

City Hall plans dog pounds

Roving packs of stray dogs are a frequent headache for Tbiliselebi—nearly one in three calls to city hotlines are about stray dogs, according to City Hall. (more)

The News in Brief

Former factory workers demand arrears. (more)

Guest Editorial: The uniquely American realism

American interests in Georgia, and in the Caucasus in general, have been guided by both realist considerations (energy plus strategically important location), and idealistic interests (“Rose Revolution,” democratic reforms, etc.) (more)

Press Scanner

“Why was the Greek actor killed?” (more)

What is Ilia Chavchavadze’s legacy for Georgia?
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