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Tuesday, April 15 2008, #071 (1587)

Political party campaigns to make Orthodox Christianity official religion

The Christian Democratic Party began gathering signatures in Tbilisi yesterday in support of making Georgian Orthodox Christianity an official religion. (more)

Who loves Love Day?

Today Georgia marks a homegrown version of Valentine’s Day called Sikvarulis Dghe, or Love Day. The intent of the day is clear enough, and its origins are undistinguished but appropriate. (more)

Labor Party threatens boycott of mobile phone companies

The Labor Party will organize one-day boycotts of mobile phone operators unless tariffs are lowered, party representatives said last week. (more)

Words of the Day

Georgia up two places in ICT ranking

Georgia has been ranked 91 in terms of technological readiness in the 2007-2008 World Economic Forum Global Information Technology Report, up two places from last year. (more)

Azerbaijani gas talks continue

Government officials will continue talks over importing Azerbaijani gas with Baku later this month, the news agency Regnum reports. (more)

Press Scanner

“Bagapsh threatened Kishmaria” (more)

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