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Wednesday, April 16 2008, #072 (1588)

Abkhazia, South Ossetia look for greater diplomatic ties

A Russian newspaper is reporting that Moscow will strengthen diplomatic ties with Georgia’s separatist regions, as their leaders opened the first embassy between the two self-declared republics. (more)

President inaugurates Poti port project

Pledging to turn Poti into a “second Dubai,” President Mikheil Saakashvili inaugurated the creation of a free economic zone and the reconstruction of Poti port yesterday. (more)

Abkhazia attempting to open airport for international flights

“Sokhumi Airport is ready to receive any kind of plane from any country,” announced Abkhaz TV on April 14. (more)

Words of the Day

Poll: Capital split between government and opposition coalition

An informal telephone poll of 500 Tbilisi resident printed in the newspaper Sakartvelos Respublika suggests that the government and the opposition have roughly equal support in the city. (more)

Poll: What do businessmen in politics care most about?

Around half of Georgians interviewed by the newspaper Kviris Palitra in an informal poll said they thought businessmen that go into politics care most about the fate of their businesses. The newspaper put the question, “What do businessmen who enter politics care most about?” to 401 people, but did not specify the methodology or location of the survey. (more)

Press Scanner

“Labor Party accuses the opposition coalition of agreeing with the government” (more)

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