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Wednesday, April 2 2008, #063 (1579)

Georgia's MAP chances bleak as Bucharest summit opens

As the NATO summit gets underway in Bucharest today, Georgia’s odds of entering the next stage of integration into the alliance look bleak as both Germany and France indicate they would veto such a decision. (more)

Countrywide Labor campaign could spell trouble for opposition

The country’s opposition could face an uphill struggle in the May elections, after at least one significant party suggested it would compete against other opposition groups for seats in parliament. (more)

President forms task force to tackle election concerns

The president announced a task force to serve as a go-to point for election issues in the lead-up to the May parliamentary elections. (more)

News in Brief

Georgia to send troops to Afghanistan (more)

Words of the Day

The path towards independence

March 31 was both the birthday of Georgia’s first president, and the day the referendum for independence from the Soviet Union was held. (more)

Government holds out hope for Abkhaz FEZ

President Mikheil Saakashvili unveiled Tbilisi’s new conflict resolution proposals last week, offering the breakaway region of Abkhazia “unlimited autonomy” and a Free Economic Zone (FEZ). (more)

Armenian officials: No foul play in rising prices

Armenian officials deny that recent price rises on everyday items is linked to the February 19 presidential election, and say that it is down to increasing world market prices. (more)

Press Scanner

“Lagodekhi residents threaten the administration with protest” (more)

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