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Monday, April 18 2008, #075 (1591)

Tbilisi rejects Russian move to lift Georgian embargo

Two days after instructing his government to increase links with Georgia’s separatist regions, Russian President Vladimir Putin began moves on April 18 to lift a longstanding blanket trade embargo on Georgia. (more)

Georgia celebrates Palm Sunday

Yesterday Georgia celebrated Palm Sunday, the beginning of Holy Week, attending church services clutching symbolic willow branches. (more)

Georgia fights polio, measles as part of European Immunization Week

Georgia is launching a vaccination campaign which it hopes will reach over a million people, as part of the World Health Organization’s European Immunization Week from April 21–27. (more)

Words of the Day

An emboldened Russia, a grave danger

Russia’s bullying carrot-and-stick policy has shoved Georgia into a critical position. (more)

Georgia up twenty places in corruption perception index

Georgia ranks 79th in the 2007 Transparency International Corruption Perceptions Index, up 20 places on the previous year. (more)

Separatist leader says to abolish taxes for Georgians in South Ossetia

De facto South Ossetian president Eduard Kokoity, in an interview with the newspaper Sakartelos Respublika, proposed abolishing taxes for Georgians living in the South Ossetian conflict zone. (more)

Azerbaijani factory to produce Belarusian tractors

Ganja Automobile plant in Azerbaijan will start assembling Belarusian tractors in the next three or four months, according to Belarusian ambassador to Azerbaijan Nikolay Patskevich. (more)

Press Scanner

“Presentation of new youth newspaper held at Tbilisi State University” (more)

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