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Thursday, May 1 2008, #082 (1598)

NATO ‘watching carefully’ as Russian FM defends peacekeeper reinforcement

The international community has expressed concern at Russia’s decision to increase its peacekeeping presence in Abkhazia, as Tbilisi branded it a “continuation of Soviet diplomacy.” (more)

Opposition want crackdown on alleged political pressure

The nine-party opposition coalition says the government must meet three demands, including a crackdown on political intimidation, if Georgia is to run a fair parliamentary election this month. (more)

Locals speculate arson to blame for wildfire

Firefighters put out a forest fire in a southwestern Georgian region on April 29, and some locals suggest the blaze was intentionally set. (more)

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Words of the Day

Fair elections, crucial and promised, are in the government’s hands

Russia’s decision to send another thousand troops into Abkhazia pushed election campaign coverage off Georgian television screens for a day, but this month’s parliamentary elections are as critical as ever. (more)

Russian natural gas price to increase

Georgia, along with some other CIS countries, will pay a higher price for Russian natural gas from 2009 onwards. (more)

Press Scanner

TSU rector Giorgi Khubua participates in higher education summit in Washington” (more)

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