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Wednesday, June 18 2008, #113 (1629)

Moscow: Removing Russian peacekeepers ‘reckless’

Moscow criticized Tbilisi’s push to change the peacekeeping format in breakaway Abkhazia yesterday, prompting a swift counteroffensive from the Georgian government. (more)

Opposition bloc on summer break

The United Opposition bloc hammered out ideas about its future yesterday before announcing a summer recess to ponder how to proceed. (more)

Political parties check their mailboxes for state financing

Political parties are waiting for notice from the Central Election Commission that they are eligible for a share of millions in state financing. (more)

Georgian company to assemble US business jets

A Georgian aircraft manufacturer announced yesterday it has entered into a joint venture with an American company to produce jet planes. (more)

The News in Brief

IDPs protest outside ministry. (more)

Russia creeping southwards on railroads

Russia’s moves in Georgia are a clear-cut attempt to effectively annex part of the country—but Moscow’s ambitions do not stop at maintaining control of Abkhazia. (more)

Georgian exports down

Exports were down in the first quarter of 2008, with some analysts blaming the strengthening lari. (more)

Azerbaijani minister: Key objective to export gas to Europe

Yesterday Azerbaijani Energy Minister Natik Aliyev said Baku intends to “primarily pump gas to Europe,” according to Azerbaijani news agency Today.Az. (more)

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“Marshutkas become expensive”

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