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Wednesday, September 3 2008, #166 (1682)

Europe behind Georgia, but on its own terms

The EU Summit is over, with a warning given to Russia and tremendous humanitarian aid and financial assistance packages for Georgia signed off. (more)

Republicans say, first stand, then deliver

The Republican Party, in spite of its different political orientation from the government, has once more confirmed that social unity is the only way to contain Russia’s aggression (more)

The News in Brief

Russia suspends gas supply to Poland and Germany (more)


Back to the USSR?

The Russian aggression against Georgia was not just an accident. Likewise, the reason for it was by no means the protection of Abkhaz or Ossetian nationals, despite the crocodile tears of Moscow. (more)

Press Scanner

"Lavrov still thinks about changing the Georgian government" (more)

Which country is the best friend of Georgia?
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